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Aquael Inline Heater

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The AquaEL Flow Heater is the first inline flow heater to have Smart Heating System (SHS) -a technology of intelligent power selection. The internal microprocessor adjusts the heating power to maintain the right temperature in the aquarium at all times. This solution allows for smooth operation of the heater and a balanaced temperatue within the aquarium - as a result your aquarium will maintain without temperature jumps and without exposing its inhabitants to stress due to major fluctuations .

Thanks to the electronic thermostat the LED display shows not only the programmed, but also the current water temperature too. the electronic temperature sensors protect the aquarium from overheating, and when they detect that the water flow stops they automatically turn off the device.

Placing it on the outlet hose of the external filter allows for even distribution of the heated water over the entire aquarium.
This heater is mounted outside the aquarium and inline of your external return flow, thanks to this it will not take up space inside of the aquarium andwhilst giving freedom of arrangement and maintanance.

The first intelligent flow heater
Equipped with a Smart Heating System - adjusts the heating power to the size of the tank and
environmental conditions , using only as much energy as needed

*It has an electronic precise thermostat operating with an accuracy of ± 0.5, in the range from 20 to 33 ° C
*You can conveniently set the temperature with one button - One Touch System
*The LED display shows the programmed and current temperature
*3 temperature sensors - 2 electronic & 1 thermal fuse
*The heater automatically turns off when the water flow stops
For use with 16/22 mm hoses in freshwater and saltwater aquariums

The kit includes 1 x flow heater, two stable mounting brackets and clamping nuts