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Auto Shut-off Feature Pump 1200

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Wattage 25w
Flow rate 1200 ltr/hr


Compact, economical pump to run a water feature

Key features

• Prevents burning out by switching off automatically when water is low
• Automatically restarts when water re-filled
• Reduces cleaning and blocking with the pre-filter cage
• Adjustable water flow
• Compact and stable design

Product overview

Designed to be used in any feature of your choosing, the Blagdon 1200 Auto Shut off Feature Pump will also supply flow to a fountain up to a maximum head height of 100cm at 160 litres per hour, but all of the pump performance figures and flow charts can be found within the product images section on the Amazon listing. As with all outdoor pumps, to conform to UK building regulations, this pump will require you to simply fit a plug to the end of the 10 metre supplied cable. To keep your filter clean, the 1200 Feature Pump includes a pre-filter cage although you should always remove larger items such as leaves from the water to maintain optimum water flow. You can also fully adjust the water flow to your desired strength should you wish to utilise the option of a fountain which will be aided by it's compact, stable design. You can also use this feature pump safely both indoors and outdoors, wherever your water feature may be situated

The best bits...

Automatically turns off when the water level is low to prevent burnout

Compact stable design

Reduced cleaning and blocking with pre-filter cage


• Blagdon 1200 Auto Shut Off Pump
• 3/8" hose fitting
• 1/2" hose fitting