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Bloodworm single feed bag (approx 115ml)

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highly nutritious food that even the pickiest of eaters will relish

Bloodworm are not actually a worm but the larvae stage of a midge that is similar in size and shape to a mosquito, however it does not bite or carry disease. Growing to around 25mm in length, it normally takes around two weeks from hatching to pupating.  However, this is temperature dependent and can be extended significantly when kept refrigerated.

Bloodworms live in the top few centimetres of mud in freshwater ponds and breathe by leaving their tail out of the mud and waving it in the water, feeding on microscopic particles.  They are a natural and nutritious food for freshwater fish and you will find even the pickiest of feeders will relish them.  Similar dry mattter content to other live foods with around 60% protein and 15% lipids but also containing iron in the haemaglobin type substance that gives them their red colour.

STORAGE: Blood worm can be stored in the water they are supplied in like brine shrimp and daphnia, or can be drained through a net and stored in newspaper folded over to make a small envelope (they take up much less space in the fridge like this).  Either way, it's crucial blood worm is kept refrigerated as it is very susceptible to hot temperatures and will die quickly if it gets too warm.

To feed, drain through a net and add as much as your fish will eat in 5 - 10 minutes.  Any not used can be stored in the fridge wrapped in newspaper.