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Esha Chemicals and Meds

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OPTIMA is a unique combination of trace elements, minerals and vitamins that are missing from your tap water. These ingredients help recreate the natural tropical environment your fish deserve. Your fish will flourish and you will see the results.

• Boosts fish health.
• Increases resistance against disease and parasites.
• Speeds up recovery of sick and injured fish.
• Helps induce spawning.


eSHa 2000's wide range action treat over 18 symptoms and disease organisms.

eSHa 2000 treats a wide range of fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections, helps heal wounds and protects the skin layer. Use eSHa 2000 for Fungus, Dropsy, bacteria, skin problems, gill problems, fin rot, tail rot, ulcers and wounds. Also for Neon Tetra disease and many others.


Plant Booster

Crytoplus is a unique formula that boosts the amount of light that your plants absorb.

It increases plant growth, colour and health.
Ensures well formed leaves and rich colours.
Heals bruised and transparent patches on leaves.
Smooths ragged edges and prevents disease.

Great results can be seen in a matter of days, especially with 'redleaf' plants.