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Hatch in the Bag Brine Shrimp (approx 115ml)

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decapsulated brine shrimp eggs that will hatch out into highly nutritious nauplii

Hatch in the bag contains brine shrimp cysts that have had the outer casing removed through a process of decapsulation.  We decapsulate the cysts ourselves at Yorkshire Brine Shrimp so that you get the best possible outcome.  The decapsulation process ensures there is no chance of the outer casing becoming stuck in fish intestinal tracts and leads to a high hatch rate of over 90%.  

To store, hatch and feed hatch in the bag nauplii:

  • Keep refrigerated until ready to use

  • Remove from fridge and keep at room temperature for 20-24 hours

  • Feed as soon at the majority of cysts have hatched and you can see plenty of movement when the bag is held still and viewed against a light

  • If feeding to salt water fish the contents can be emptied straight into the tank - the water is relatively low salinity of around 15ppt

  • For freshwater fish strain through a fine mesh net of 200 microns

Hatch in the bag can be fed to fish of any size, marine or freshwater but is particularly suited as a feed for fry due to it's small size of around 200 microns (0.2mm)