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Interpet Delta Therm Heater

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Interpet Deltatherm heaters are made with high quality components and provides required heating for your aquarium. Featuring top view temperature control, Deltatherm heaters are easy to adjust with temperature control from 16-34 degrees Celsius (61-93 degrees Fahrenheit). An on/off light indicates when the heater is operating. The heater recommended for the correct aquarium size will maintain a temperature up to 26 degrees Celsius in a well heated home. If the aquarium is in a cold location or over 26 degrees Celsius, select the other high wattage heater.

This double insulated heater is safe and fully submersible, and can easily be installed by attaching the suckers to the glass. The heater must be fully submerged and should be placed diagonally in the aquarium, rather than vertically or horizontally. Incorrect placement may result in inaccurate temperature control as the thermostat is at the top of the heater.

Note: Ensure you choose the correct wattage Deltatherm heater for your aquarium:

  • 25 W is suitable for 4-30 L aquariums or aquariums up to 46 cm in length
  • 50 W is suitable for 23-45 L aquariums or aquariums up to 46 cm in length
  • 100 W is suitable for 45-90 L aquariums or aquariums up to 61 cm in length
  • 150 W is suitable for 68-135 L aquariums or aquariums up to 76 cm in length
  • 200 W is suitable for 90-180 L aquariums or aquariums up to 91 cm in length
  • 300 W is suitable for 135-270 L aquariums or aquariums up to 122 cm in length