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Interpet Fishbox 54l Aquarium

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Simple aquarium kit complete with the basics needed for successful fishkeeping.

Ideal for households who are new to fishkeeping. This good-looking aquarium is quiet, secure and the perfect choice for a medium or large starter aquarium.

Key features

• Adaptable aquarium, perfect for coldwater or tropical fishkeeping
• The Easy Clean Filter keeps water healthy and clean with its 4 stage filtration process.
• Scratch resistent curved glass for an unobscured panoramic view of your beautiful aquarium
• High performace LEDs enhance the appearance of your fish and encourage healthy plant growth

Product overview

Successful fishkeeping doesn't need to be a mystery. In fact, we think it can be pretty straightforward.
That's why we designed the Fish Box LED range of aquariums - they have everything you need to set up a healthy and attractive aquarium from the word "go".
And don't think that straightforward is another word for plain. Far from it in fact. Panoramic curved glass, high performance LED lighting and a top quality four-stage easy-clean filtration system means you'll have a beautiful and healthy aquarium for everyone to enjoy and admire.
Does not include heater, can be purchased separately via our site.