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River Shrimp

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these shrimp are approx 25mm long, the perfect food for larger predators

River shrimp are sometimes known as feeder shrimp and are found in estuary's and brackish water rivers. Great for larger predatory fish like cichlids, large wild betta and puffer fish.  High in protein, your fish will enjoy chasing them as well as benefit from the high nutrient content. Feeding live river shrimp is a great way to get any of the larger freshwater or marine fish to feed.

STORAGE: River shrimp keep best if kept cold.  Store them in the water they are supplied in and keep it the refrigerator until use.   They should survive in a marine or salt water aquarium for a few hours which will give enough time for your fish to hunt them down and devour them.  If you drain the bag through a net and keep the water you can feed just a few river shrimp at a time, putting the unused ones back in the water they came in

If kept in cool conditions out of the sun they should keep for up to a  week without the need to feed them.