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Sylvania Replacement light T5 or T8

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Available in various SIZES and WATTAGE.


Aqua Classic - Ideal lamp for aquatic starters
Proven Sylvania tri-phosphor technology
Light colour: 5000 Kelvin
Excellent light output
Available in the most common T5 and T8 wattages
Operates on standard ballasts
Recommended as an entry level lamp for fresh water aquaria


Grolux - High level of blue and red radiation helps promote healthy plant growth
Strengthens the natural colours of aquatic plants and fish in aquariums
Promotes the process of photo-synthesis in plants
Oldest, but most optimal light colour for plants and aquaria.
50% more light output in comparison to the same length in T8. Ideal for the new generation of aquaria with T5 lamps, but in the length of T8 lamps. The ideal fit of the lamps in the aquarium results in a perfect illumination of the aquarium.
For lighting of freshwater aquariums
Complete or additional artificial lighting of plants
Recommended also for use in greenhouses, indoor gardens, flower shows and conservatories.


Aqua Star - Light colour: 10000 Kelvin (simulating the tropical light spectrum)
Promotes the growth of coral and aquatic plants through natural red and blue sections of the light spectrum.
Excellent lighting performance.
T5 - FHO: high output and lumen per watt in comparison to T8 versions.
For all biological organisms in fresh and marine water aquariums
Excellent results in combination with Daylightstar