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Tetra IN Filter Range

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  • All internal filters have two filter chambers
  • One filter foam can always remain in the filter chamber during the cleaning process - minimising the loss of beneficial bacteria
  • The device remains in the aquarium during the cleaning process
  • Includes a practical filter medium removal device for clean use
  • Continuous control of the flow rate to suit the aquarium
  • Outlet nozzle can be rotated 180
  • Controllable Venturi system provides additional oxygen supply
  • Elegant compact design, low space requirements
  • Easy to attach with stable adhesive suckers
  • Biological Filter Foam and Activated Carbon Filter available as spare parts
  • TÜV/GS tested
Tetra IN 400 plus 200 - 400 l/h


30 - 60 l


7 watt




Tetra IN 800 plus


400 - 800 l/h


80 - 150 l


12 watt