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Tubifex Worm Single Feed Bag (approx 200ml)

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longer than bloodworm, this is a natural food for many freshwater fish

Tubifex worms live in the mud and silt at the bottom of lakes and rivers and, like earthworms, they have little bristles on their sides to provide traction for burrowing into the sediment. They keep their tails clear of the sediment to allow for absorbtion of oxygen from the water.

Tubifex have a reputation of being dirty and possibly carrying disease but provided they are well cleaned there is little evidence to suggest they cause problems in aquariums.  Tubifex worm supplied by our suppliers are cleaned and flushed under running water for several days before being sold.

Higher in fat content than bloodworm, they can be used to promote growth in fish but care should be taken to ensure they are only used as part of a balanced diet.

STORAGE: Tubifex worm are very susceptable to warm temperatures and need to be kept refrgerated if not used straight away.  Store them refrigerated in the water they are supplied in.

They have a tendency to clump together so best fed using a cone feeder so the fish can pull them through the holes.  If you don't have a cone feeder just feed them little and often.  For freshwater aquariums only - they will die very quickly if introduced into salt water.